About me

I live near Durban, South Africa and farm with ducks. I have written and published a SciFi novel titled “Moses was a Liar” with Raider International NY in 2010. The chapters that follow are from this book and your comments are welcome.

Imagine a world in which 95% of all sentient beings are destroyed by a worldwide apocalypse, where technology is non-existent and the law of the jungle applies. Imagine that a small group of passengers on a flight from London to Johannesburg are marooned on a high mountain plateau in the highlands of Ethiopia. They are now destined to create new civilizations much like the mythical Noah of the Judeo-Christian bible. Imagine living in a world without a sun, moon and stars.  Imagine what happens to their descendants and picture the world 82 years later when these New Age tribes commence an exodus from Red Valley, seeking Canaan, much like the legends of the tribes of Israel and Moses.

  1. When the passengers boarding a giant Airbus 380 at Heathrow Airport, London settled down in their seats they were not to know that the face of Mother Earth would change forever before they reach their planned destination. They are destined to become the seeds of a new civilization, battling to come to terms with a cruel, unrelenting world.

  2. Wim says:

    Lovely book. BTW Brian, i still have the old print… without the footnotes….

  3. bruce david soutar says:

    Looks interesting.Worth reading the whole

  4. trying to get to my blog?!

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