Hollywood, Los Angeles

Posted: August 16, 2011 in SciFi

The Hollywood Bowl was packed to capacity.

People were streaming towards the venue. Motor homes had been parked in the vicinity for over a week in anticipation of a religious happening they didn’t want to miss. Vendors of T-shirts, food and trinkets were making the proverbial killing. A carnival atmosphere prevailed. While children yelled and fooled around, their parents were listening with rapt attention to the daily sermon.

” .. And I say to you, the pending changes on earth are not merely to our planet. The greatest changes will be internal. You must begin now to connect with the Light… you can only do this if you have compassion!”

The masses roared: “We have compassion.”

“If you feel the plight of your brothers and sisters  … 

“We feel, we feel!!” they echoed.

“… then we must pray and ask God Almighty to bless us in these days of pending change.”

“Help us Lord, Bless us Lord! Hallelujah!” came the chants.

Walking off the stage, Peter Larsen wiped the sweat off his brow. Assistants scurried around him while he drank deeply from the glass of cool water someone had thrust into his hand.

At least 20 000 souls here today, he estimated. That will improve the bank balance somewhat. He still had a number of sermons to deliver before the end of the month. It would be a lucrative campaign. He smiled in anticipation of the long luxurious rest afterwards with his family. They were scheduled to go to Acapulco for at least two weeks.

The chanting rose in volume and pitch as the music increased again to herald the return of the famous evangelist. He strode back unto the floodlit stage.

“Your survival will depend upon your abilities to organise yourselves. You must make up groups with your neighbours, friends and family. You must organise prayer groups, telephonically and on the Internet. When disaster strikes, as it will, you will be prepared. You will be connected. You will send light and love to each other. No one will escape. The earth changes will affect each and every one of us, my brothers and sisters. Some people will feel it in harsher ways than others.

“I have been warning the world for three years now, and I say to you again, we all have mistakes to atone for; we all have souls and we all have karma, but what is ahead of us, is not punishment. It is not the wrath of God. It is not Satan’s work. It is a test. A test for the development of our souls; for the further creation of our karma and the development of our inner foundations. While we will all be affected, those who have not prepared themselves, those who have not prayed or searched for the truth or learned about the Lord our God, will be the ones who will be affected the most. They will not be ready for the internal changes and shall focus only on the changes of the material world around them. They shall run before the disciples of Satan who shall strike them down and scatter them like chaff before the wind.”

“I offer you a message of hope! This is a time for rejoicing because the changes, as are being signalled by the comet we can see every night in the sky, the changes that await us, will call for us to be honest with ourselves, with our loved ones, with our neighbours and above all with God.”

“The changes will call for us to be compassionate. They will expect of every one of us to love each other. Those of us who believe and are of the faith, will walk through this. Those of us who will experience the faith and the love will emerge from this with joy in our hearts, knowing that all this has taken place for the highest good. We will achieve great things. We will be lifted to greater heights of awareness. I say to you we will survive! It is written!”

The cymbals and drums rolled to a crescendo as he left the stage amid tumultuous applause.


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